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Our Hair Stylist in Cary NC Gives Tips on How to Make Your Balayage Last Longer

Our professional local Balayage stylists know how to give clients the stunning hair of their dreams. If you’ve been constantly Googling “Balayage near me” and think you’re ready to take the plunge, we invite you to book an appointment as soon as possible.

However, the work isn’t over once you walk out the salon door. It’s up to you to take the right steps to ensure your Balayage stays gorgeous and doesn’t fade. Here’s some tips on how to make your Balayage last longer, courtesy of our local Balayage stylist.

Use The Right Shampoo and Conditioner

“I always assumed that when salons tried to sell you products that they were just doing it to make money,” one of our valued clients recently shared. “I ignored the advice of my stylist to use a specific shampoo and conditioner after my Balayage and instead just used the drugstore products I had at home. My new color was completely wrecked after the first wash and I had to rush to find a hair stylist near me to fix it!”

Your stylist isn’t just suggesting a specific shampoo and conditioner because they want to make a sale. The truth is that most drugstore shampoos and conditioners are so harsh and full of chemicals that you might as well be washing your hair with dish soap. When you invest in a higher quality shampoo, you might be spending more money upfront, but you’re saving money by preserving your Balayage for longer and ensuring that the color doesn’t fade.

Request An Additional Treatment

“When I was looking for a salon that offered Balayage near me, I was just interested in the color,” a satisfied client recently told us. “However, the hair stylist near me informed me that an additional glossing treatment would not only make my color more vivid, but it would preserve the effects of the Balayage for much longer.”

This is absolutely true. Your stylist might recommend an additional glossing or deep conditioning treatment, which will help to ensure your color lasts. While some clients balk at the added expense, it’s a truly worthwhile investment if you want to make your Balayage last for as long as possible.

For more information about how to preserve your color or to book a Balayage appointment, contact us today.