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Our Hair Stylist in Cary NC Shares Winter Hair Trends for Brunettes

Winter means cooler temperatures, a changing landscape and time to transform one’s hair color with vibrancy, dimension and edge.

Here are the latest winter hair trends for brunettes that deliver head-turning results:

Ombre, A Gorgeous Gradient Of Color

Glossy hair with depth is something most women desire whether they’ve got a long or short mane. That’s why ombre remains a popular request.

Some try to achieve the stunning two-tone color that fades from dark to light on their own. However, this is a specific talent belonging to the skills of a local ombre stylist.

When a hair stylist near me creates this awesome hair lightening on brunette strands, the results are multi-dimensional. Bye-bye, flat brown hair.

By having ombre near me, hair becomes low maintenance with zero regrowth lines at the roots.

Balayage is another effective technique that hand-paints highlights onto the hair’s surface. It makes a quieter hair statement than ombre.

Winter’s Hot Hues That Dazzle On Brunettes

When cold weather arrives, it’s time for cozy sweaters, boots and an appointment with a hair stylist near me for color that adds fullness, shine and dimension.

Top stylists agree that cinnamon, mushroom-blonde and copper are beautiful accents that can brighten the look in winter and add warmth to most skin tones. For ombre near me, some clients choose cinnamon ombre pieces to spice up medium-brunette locks. Others opt for a single process for a rich transformation.

Mushroom-blonde or “dirty brunette” delivers neutral blondeness with a few lighter ombré highlights woven in. A local ombre stylist can achieve these hair requests.

A Rainbow Of Bold Hair Color Awaits

For those drawn to adventure, there’s a spectacular spectrum to discover.

Candy colors like pink, purple, blue or a combination of the trio are fun to play with now.

For spectacular hair, no one does it better than our hair stylist in Cary, NC. Book an appointment today for the hottest in brunette hair trends!