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Our Local Hair Stylist Shares 4 Wedding Day Hairstyles to Consider for Your Big Day

Finding The Right Hairstyle For Your Wedding Day Shouldn’t Be Hard!

Every bride wants to feel effortlessly beautiful on their big day. At our Cary NC hair salon, our local wedding hair stylists know how to help you achieve the ideal bridal aesthetic. If you’re looking for inspiration, below are some gorgeous hairstyles that you’ll no doubt pull off.

A Luscious Braid

For a more ethereal look, consider going with a braid. In addition to looking delicate, you’ll also establish a feminine look that’ll photograph beautifully. You can even add flowers or jewels to your braid to create a more stunning finished look.


If you prefer a more natural look, textured waves are the way to go. Both flirty and sensual, floaty waves will give the illusion that you woke up flawless. If you don’t have naturally curly hair, don’t fret. At our Cary NC hair salon, our hot tools will get the job done with ease.

A Low Ponytail

Perhaps you want all of your hair out of your face. If so, a low ponytail will highlight your features gorgeously. Though some brides consider this hairdo boring, our local wedding hair stylists know how to add extra oomph to an otherwise ordinary look.

Cascading Curls

This classic hairstyle is a fan favorite. With some long curls, you’ll bring out your sexy side while remaining classy. For an added wow factor, consider going with hair extensions. Not only will this make the hairdo appear fuller, the added length will photograph beautifully.

Our Hair Stylists in Cary NC Have You Covered!

If you’ve been searching the web for “hair stylists near me” but can’t find a hair salon that speaks to you, we’ve got you covered. Schedule an appointment with one of our stylists, and we’ll help you find the perfect bridal hairdo.