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Popular Hair Trends in 2020 From Our Cary NC Hair Stylist

Hair trends are constantly evolving. The year 2020 was a year for unique hair stylists. Many people went to a Cary hair salon to get the following styles.

Short Hair

Many people spend years of their lives trying to grow out their hair. However, many people decided to cut their hair short in 2020. People like short hair because it is easier to maintain. There are also a lot of cool styles that you can get, such as bobs.

Natural Hair Textures

If you have curly hair, then there are treatments that you can get to make your hair straighter. There are also treatments that can make straight hair curly. However, more people are opting to embrace their natural hair textures.

Beach Waves

Even though natural hair texture is in, people are also getting beach waves. This is a style that is relatively simple to do. You can get it at a Cary hair salon and get this done. You can also do it at home. A good heat styling tool and hair care products are the only things that you need.

Warm Hair Colors

Hair dyeing is a trend that is always in. Blond has always been one of the most popular hair colors. However, in 2020, people opted for warmer hair colors. They get auburn highlights, warm blonde and mahogany spice balayage.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are always in. In 2020, people liked rhinestone and pearl accessories. They also liked to wear headbands.

You need a professional to help you maintain the health of your hair. If you are looking for a local hair stylist in Cary NC, then you can contact us.