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Should I Go Red? Ask Our Cary Hair Colorist

Red is the rarest hair color in the world, so it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular color requests we receive at our Cary hair salon. If you’re itching to take the leap into ginger world, we say, go for it! Just be aware that, if you want to look more like a movie star than a high school student after a slumber party, you’ll have to invest some extra time (and money) than you do right now. Here are some things to know before booking your appointment. 

You’ll Need to Become a Salon Regular

Red hair dye is infamous for fading fast, even if you dutifully follow tips to keep it vibrant. And even if you and your colorist land on a shade that stays vivid for weeks, roots will become noticeable every four weeks or so. That means that visiting the hair salon will become a monthly, or even a bi-weekly, occurrence for you, which you will have to work into both your schedule and budget. If you don’t, you’ll likely wind up with hair that looks like it came from a box, even though you paid four times as much for it.

It Might Not Compliment Your Skin Tone

Another key part of looking more Jessica Chastain than Avril Lavigne is color matching. This is where an experienced hair colorist is worth their weight in gold. A good colorist will be able to tell you if the purplish hue you’ve fallen in love with will wash you out, or if the fire-engine red that looks so good on Rihanna will make you look more like a Raggedy Anne doll. Study other redheads, refer to charts, and take your hair colorist’s advice to heart—we study this for a living!

It Won’t Look Like It Does at First

Red hair won’t look like it does when you first step out of the salon—for better or worse. On the positive side, if your color comes out way darker and flashier than you wanted, it will probably fade to a more natural hue in about three days. (Don’t wash it during this time, so that the cuticle closes and stays closed.) On the downside, that means that if you step out of the chair loving your look exactly as it is, you will probably have to say goodbye to that vibrancy within your first week. The only thing you can do about this, aside from returning for regular touch-ups and following tips for preserving color, is accept it. Change is natural, even if your hair isn’t.

Need a Hair Colorist in Cary NC?

If you’re ready to go red (or any other color!) stop by our Cary hair salon for an appointment. We’ll help you achieve the perfect shade of red for your preference and skin tone, and maintain it through thick and thin. Not sure whether you want to go fully red just yet? We also provide temporary coloring options such as hair glosses that will allow you to experiment. Our seats fill up fast in the spring (wedding) season, so book your appointment now!

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