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6 Ways To Deal With Greasy Hair From Our Cary NC Stylist

Many people go the Cary hair salon regularly because they cannot control the grease in their hair. Greasy hair can be difficult to deal with. However, you can do the following to control it at home.

Wash Your Hair More Often

You may just have to start washing your hair more often. Shampooing will help remove the excess oil. Many people find that washing once a day or every other day helps control the oil.

Shampoo Properly

You don’t want to just wash your hair. You have to shampoo it the right way. You should only use a small amount of shampoo. Focus more on your scalp than the hair itself. Additionally, you should avoid aggressive scrubbing.

Condition Carefully

You should always condition your hair after you wash it. However, too much conditioner can lead to greasy hair. Use most of the conditioner on the ends of the hair.

Limit Heat

It is okay to go to the Cary hair salon and get your hair blow-dried and straightened. However, you can reduce greasiness by limiting heat exposure. Limiting heat exposure also protects your hair from damage.

Use the Right Hair Care Products

Certain hair care products can make your hair more greasy. That is why you should use products that were specifically designed for people with greasy hair.

Try Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo helps you save time. It can also give your hair a cleaner appearance. However, dry shampoo isn’t something that you should use often. Excessive use of dry shampoo can lead to product buildup.

You should go to the salon on a regular basis. Contact us if you need a local hair stylists in Cary.