Which color looks good for balayage on dark hair?

At Artisan Hair Salon, we always recommend balayage for dark hair because it is the most natural looking style. It balances out the darkness by complimenting the soft tones and shades of your hair with a lighter hue. Soft caramel tones or deep reds can add dimension to dark hair, without the stark contrast of blonde.

What’s the difference between balayage and ombre?

Balayage means sweeping a hand over the surface in order to create a variety of light and dark values; with ombre, the color is created by gradually changing hues. Ombre’s look requires a stylist to go lighter as they move away from the hair root, while balayage is achieved by allowing a touch of darker color at the roots for added dimension. Ombres always have visible regrowth since it transitions directly from one shade to another without any style.

Can Artisan Hair fix a brassy balayage?

Unfortunately, a brassy balayage can be one of the few things that is almost impossible to repair from home. That said, it’s natural to feel frustrated and want to give up hope – but don’t reach for that boxed dye! There are options for you at Artisan Hair Salon in Cary, NC. Our team has years of experience revitalizing hair color no matter how damaged it may be. Follow-up is important, so make sure to discuss your routine with your hair stylist. If you’re out in the sun often, your hair may veer brassy again without the right protectants and shampoos. We’re here to figure it out with you!

What is the difference between foil highlights and balayage?

Balayage is a French word meaning “to sweep”, and in hair beauty it means to use lightening techniques for natural-looking, sun- kissed effect. Highlights are when you can see a border or boundary line between the colored parts of your hair and your natural hair color (usually when foils are used to separate the hair).

Highlights are great for a more dramatic look, while Balayage has a more seamless look where there aren’t lines between your newly dyed strands and your own hair color. Balayage can be used to add lighter or darker tones to the hair, and provide dimension.