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FAQs About Balayage Highlights: Tips From Our Cary Hairdresser

You may have heard of balayage, a popular hair highlighting technique that has resurfaced in recent years. If you’re considering getting balayage treatments in Cary NC, here are some answers to frequently asked questions we receive which can help you make your decision.

How are balayage highlights made?

Balayage highlights are done with a freehand “painting” technique. Unlike foiling or highlighting caps, the hair stylist applies the treatment by hand.

How does balayage differ from other types of highlights?

The balayage technique differs from other highlighting techniques, like ombré or traditional highlighting, because it gives the colorist more freedom to apply the color wherever he or she deems fit. With foils, you’ll generally get a very uniform finish, while with balayage, the results are more “natural”.

Can I do balayage myself?

Balayage is a technique best left to professional hair stylists, as it requires a certain skill and experience to do. To find the right colorist, look for one who specializes in the balayage technique.

How do I make sure my balayage highlights look the way I want them to?

No one can predict the future, and there’s never a 100% guarantee that a certain product or treatment will have a certain result. However, you can help your hair stylist understand the look you want by bringing inspiration pics to your hair appointment.

Are balayage highlights always blonde?

Nope! While traditional balayage features blonde highlights, you can experiment with various natural hues like red and brown, as well as candy colors like peach, lilac, and blue.

How do I maintain balayage highlights?

One of the best things about balayage is that it requires very little maintenance. The highlights will grow out naturally, so there won’t be any regrowth line or “roots” showing. All you’ll have to do is follow some tips for maintaining your color.

Want balayage highlights in Cary NC?

If you’re looking for balayage or another type of highlighting technique, stop by our Cary hair salon today. We specialize in hair coloring, haircuts for women, haircuts for men, hairstyling, keratin treatments, ombre highlights, and more! To book an appointment, click here.

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