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Our Hair Stylist in Cary NC Talks About The Different Styles of Ombre

Ready for a New Look?

Usually, when someone enters the phrase “hair stylist near me,” it’s because that someone is ready to make a change. A person’s hairstyle reflects his or her personality and mood. A local ombre stylist helps clients update their look with trending styles and colors. If you’ve never searched “ombre near me” because you don’t know what “ombre” is, then you’ll want to keep reading to learn more about this innovative hairstyle.

Ombre Styles Provide a Multi-Colored Look that Fades

“Ombre” is French word meaning “shadow.” In cosmetology, it suggests a degradation(fading)of color from top to bottom. Some clients prefer fading that goes from light to dark, known as a “reverse ombre” while prefer the traditional ombre style, which fades the hair from dark to light. A traditional ombre features hair that is darker at the root and gradually lightens from mid-shaft to the ends.

Local Ombre Stylist Can Recommend a Color Scheme

Searching “ombre near me” can connect you with a local stylist who understands how different colorants may react with different natural hair colors.It’s always best to go with colors that are no more than two shades lighter than the existing hair color. The result of a quality ombre application is hair that appears “sun-kissed” with subtle color changes from top to bottom.

Reasons to Give Ombre a Try

Whether you’re a professional model or the average “girl next door,” the ombre look is a hairstyle trend that is worth trying. It’s especially great for brunettes who want to go a bit lighter but are not ready for a drastic change like platinum blonde. Ombre works with long or short hairstyles. It’s a low-maintenance style with a wide range of options for color schemes, such as dark brown to ash blonde, dark red to blonde or chocolate brown to warm caramel and more.

Let us help you choose an ombre style that’s perfect for you! Call today!