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Why You Absolutely MUST Tell Your Hair Stylist If You’ve Used Henna or Any Other Herbal Hair Dye

As hair stylists, we cannot stress enough how important it is for you to inform us if you’ve used henna or any other herbal hair dye before coming in for a coloring or chemical treatment. While herbal hair dyes are great for maintaining healthy hair, they can cause serious reactions with chemically enhanced hair products. In this post, we’ll go over the reasons why it’s so important that you give us this information so that we can provide you with the best service possible.

Hair Color Can React with Herbal Hair Dyes

Most people don’t know that herbal hair dyes can retain a metallic salt residue, which can negatively react with hair color. This reaction can result in some undesirable results, such as color that won’t hold or discoloration, so it’s important to let your hair stylist know that you’ve used herbal dyes before they work on your hair.


You May Be Offered Different Treatment Options

Knowing that you’ve used herbal dyes gives your stylist an understanding of what kind of treatment may be best to use on your hair. In some cases, your stylist may recommend a hair treatment that is gentler on the hair to accommodate the herbal dye or they may recommend specific treatments that work well with the color type you’ve used.


You Could Inadvertently Cause Damage to Your Hair

Many people who use herbal hair dyes think that they are using a safer option than regular chemical dyes. However, if you aren’t keeping your stylist informed about the products that you are using, it may be more likely that damage will occur. A henna dye could react to a perm or a straightening treatment, which could result in weakened strands, split ends, and even hair loss.

When you mix herbal dyes with chemically enhanced hair products, the metallic salt component that is present in the herbal dyes can react with the chemicals resulting in hair that is damaged and brittle. If you’re not telling your hair stylist about the herbal dyes you’ve used, it can result in serious problems, and you’ll be left wondering why your hair looks dull and lifeless.


During your consultation at Artisan Hair Salon, we ask about your hair history. This is the time to think back at ANY treatments you’ve had, how many times your hair has seen bleach, and any DIY treatments you’ve done. It’s essential to keep your hair stylist informed about any herbal hair dyes that you’ve used to ensure the best possible outcome. By making sure your hair stylist knows the herbal dyes that you’ve used, your hair can easily transition through any treatments you may desire without being affected by any chemical reactions. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry!