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The Best Tips To Maintain Your Blowout This Winter

The Best Tips To Maintain Your Blowout This Winter

It’s that time of year again! The weather is cooling down and the holidays are just around the corner. Your blowout routine may need to change a bit to accommodate the colder weather. Here are some tips to help you maintain your blowout this winter.

Invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner that will help keep your hair healthy during the winter months

Did you know that salon-quality shampoo and conditioner play an important role in keeping your hair healthy during the winter months? Investing in a good quality product is a must when the temperature plunges and static buildup causes uncooperative strands. A professional salon formula will add extra moisture to dull locks, protect against environmental and free-radical damage, and enhance color with nourishing ingredients. So don’t wait until your hair starts to feel dry or looks frizzy – start using salon-quality shampoo and conditioner now! You’ll see a big difference in how your hair feels this season.

Remember, we’re here to help, so ask your stylist about the best product for your unique hair at your next appointment!

Get a regular trim every 6-8 weeks to prevent split ends and promote healthy growth

Are you looking to keep your hair looking and feeling great? Artisan Hair Salon recommends getting a regular trim every 6-8 weeks! This not only prevents split ends, but it can also help promote the growth of healthy and strong hair. With regular trims, Artisan Hair Salon can ensure that your hair always looks at its best – so stop in today for your trim and say hello to gorgeous locks!

Use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week to maintain moisture levels

If you want to keep your locks looking and feeling their best, weekly deep conditioning treatments are the way to go! This small step can make a big difference in how your hair looks and its overall health. A deep conditioning treatment adds an extra layer of moisture that helps keep your hair smooth and nourished all week. Make sure to read up on the instructions to find the right amount of product for your hair type, as overdoing it can leave your hair greasy and weighed down. Set aside a little time each week so that you can give your hair some extra love, and you’ll be rocking perfect locks in no time!

Avoid using heat styling tools as much as possible, or invest in a good quality heat protectant spray

With all the beauty trends in the world, it’s a no-brainer that heat styling tools are widely used to achieve those looks. But do you know that using those tools too often or without proper protection can wreak serious havoc on your hair? Although these tools are necessary to achieve certain hairstyles, it’s best to avoid using them daily. If you can’t kick out their use from your routine altogether, it is recommended to invest in a good quality heat protectant spray which helps protect your hair and minimizes damage caused due to heat. Make sure to also follow up with a conditioner after styling and combing your hair thoroughly for best results!

Wrap your hair up in a silk scarf before bed to prevent breakage and static electricity. A silk pillow is also a great alternative.

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can leave your hair flat and un-voluminous in the morning – not to mention, it can cause breakage and static electricity. An easy solution to these problems is wrapping your hair up in a silk scarf before bed, which will help seal in moisture and maintain its luster. If you don’t have a silk scarf, try using a silk pillowcase instead. This will hydrate your precious locks while you sleep, leaving you with tousled locks that look salon fresh!

Drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet – this will help your hair from the inside out!

Eating a healthy, balanced diet and drinking plenty of water is an essential part of taking care of your hair from the inside out. Your hair needs essential nutrients from food to grow and thrive – things like protein, vitamins, and minerals. Plus, adequate hydration will not only help you feel full for longer but it can also give your locks a beautiful shine! Making sure to get enough water in your day can also help reduce split ends caused by dryness. So if you’re looking for healthy, happy hair, make sure to take good care of yourself from the inside out by eating healthily and showing your body the hydration it needs!

If you follow these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to having healthy, happy hair all winter long! If you need any help getting started, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. At Artisan Hair, we specialize in helping our clients achieve and maintain the healthy hair of their dreams. Contact us today to get started!