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Considering Getting an Undercut? Here’s What You Need to Know

Ah, the undercut. Once an edgy, “out-there” trend limited strictly to skateboarders and art students, this unique style has risen through the ranks to become one of the most popular cuts of the 2010s. Seen on everyone from Miley Cyrus and Scarlett Johansson to Brad Pitt and Adam Levine, the undercut’s dramatic, sharp look hasn’t lost its appeal as we enter a new decade. If you’re ready to brave the razor, here are some things to know before heading into your Cary hair salon.

Consider Your Facial Features   

First, consider your facial shape and hairline, and ask yourself what you might look like with all the hair on the sides of your head buzzed away. Those with large foreheads or wide hairlines might want to reconsider; with nothing left to hide behind, you might feel more bald-headed than model-esque. A professional stylist can give you an educated opinion of whether or not it would complement your appearance, and there are photo editing apps you can use to get some idea, too. Finally, when browsing photos of undercuts, look for people with a similar face and jaw shape to you to help form your opinion.

Cut it in Increments

When you sit down with your Cary hair stylist, ask him or her to cut your hair in intervals, cutting it and pausing to get your feedback before going shorter. You might choose to keep the side-hair long and choppy, almost completely shaved, or somewhere in between. When you feel that it looks good, stop. And if it never looks good, it’s just hair; it’ll grow back!


Although the sides of your hair will be buzzed short, the top will keep its length, giving you a lot of room for experimentation. Brush it straight back, part it on the side, gel it down, or puff it up—there are a wide variety of tutorials out there for any look you might want to achieve. You may need to use a product like hair gel or pomade to get the look just right. And of course, your stylist probably has some great advice, too.

Bottom Line: You do You  

Our rule of thumb when it comes to all cuts and colors? You do you. In other words, if you think undercuts look awesome and have always low-key wanted one, go for it and ignore the nay-sayers. If you’re not really inspired by it, there’s no need to follow the rest of the pack. Do your hair your way and find a look that’s comfortable for you—whether that’s buzzed off, blonde, brunette, or bald. As long as you’re going with your gut, you’re already the most stylish guy or gal around.

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