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Money Piece Hair at Cary Hair Salon

Money Piece Hair (AKA Face-Framing Highlights)

Money piece hair is a small section that has been lightened in color to provide dimension and definition on the face. Money pieces have become popular with many people because they allow you to have some new colors without having all of your locks changed at once – it’s also an option if you want full head of highlights but don’t want to put in the time or money!

Money piece highlights Cary, NC hairMoney piece highlights Cary, NC hairMoney piece highlights Cary, NC hair

What are money pieces?

Money pieces are small pieces of hair surrounding your face that have been separated and lightened more than the surrounding hair. If you’re considering adding some new highlights to your hair but don’t want to dye everything, then this is an option for you!

In this blog post, the stylists at Artisan Hair Salon in Cary, NC will answer questions about money piece highlights and more.

Why is it called money piece hair?

The money piece (AKA face-framing highlights) gets its name from the expensive and glamorous look this technique provides. It’s accomplished when you balayage strands of your hair a lighter shade. The result is a face-framing look that adds dimension, brightness, and a boost to your complexion.

What does adding money piece hair do?

Adding money piece strands can help create depth and dimension. It also allows for more precision when applying color or highlighting your individual locks because you don’t have to worry about blending colors from root-to-tip – just insert them where they need to go!

Why do people get a money piece?

People color their hair with face-framing money pieces for many reasons.

  • The rest of their hair is damaged and they’re taking a break from coloring, but still want to brighten up their style
  • They want to test a shade out before applying it to their entire head
  • It’s a more cost-efficient method versus a full head of highlights
  • It’s done much quicker than full highlights, some of our local Cary clients even come in on their lunch breaks!

Do I have any other options if I want some new definition in my hairstyle but not necessarily a money piece?

This may be an option worth exploring! Other ways that people get added dimension include balayage techniques (painting on lightener throughout the hair) and ombre coloring methods (creating transitions from light to dark).

Can bangs have a money piece or face-framing highlights?

You can definitely use money pieces to highlight your bangs or face-framing locks!

Is money piece hair difficult to do at home?

Since this area is framing your face, a botched dye job is much more noticable. For this reason, our expert team of Cary hair salon stylists do not recommend trying to DIY this.