A Cool Hair Trend That is Easy to Maintain

Not every client walks into a local balayage hair salon is a top runway model, but every client deserves to feel like one! A balayage treatment is perfect for those who want a new, updated look but nothing too flashy or obvious. Balayage is subtle; yet, it catches attention. An experienced Cary NC hair stylist can help you create a fun look that gives your hair dimension. Balayage derives from the French word “balayer,” which means “to sweep.” Cosmetologists use the term to refer to a color application that has a natural-looking and highlighted effect.

Hair Coloring in Cary NC is Fun With Balayage

Long gone are the days when girls had to settle for stripy-looking highlights created by soaking strips of hair in sticky lemon juice and sitting in the sun for hours on end. At a local balayage hair salon, a stylist can provide a balayage application that looks natural and flattering. It’s a perfect choice for those who are health-conscious about their hair because a single application can last anywhere from six to 10 weeks!

Depending on the existing color, texture and length of a client’s hair, balayage highlights can be personalized to create a mood, as well as soften or accentuate certain facial features. Ask any Cary NC hair stylist, and they’ll say that balayage is a super trend that’s not going away any time soon!

A Cary NC Hair Stylist Uses Balayage to Contour and Highlight Hair

A balayage treatment is achieved by hand-painting highlights onto sections of hair. These highlights are more saturated at the ends and lighter toward the roots, creating an overall natural and sun-lightened look. A quality balayage application is all about seamless blending and proper placement to produce a subtle look without harsh lines. Stop by our salon to make a balayage appointment today!