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Our Hair Stylist in Cary NC Talks About The Different Styles of Balayage

Balayage: A Hair Trend That is Easy to Maintain

Not every client walks into a local balayage hair salon is a top runway model, but every client deserves to feel like one! A balayage treatment is perfect for those who want a new, updated look but nothing too flashy or obvious. Balayage is subtle; yet, it catches attention. An experienced Cary NC hair stylist can help you create a fun look that gives your hair dimension. Balayage derives from the French word “balayer,” which means “to sweep.” Cosmetologists use the term to refer to a color application that has a natural-looking and highlighted effect.

Hair Coloring in Cary NC is Fun With Balayage

Long gone are the days when girls had to settle for stripy-looking highlights created by soaking strips of hair in sticky lemon juice and sitting in the sun for hours on end. At a local balayage hair salon, a stylist can provide a balayage application that looks natural and flattering. It’s a perfect choice for those who are health-conscious about their hair because a single application can last anywhere from six to 10 weeks!

Depending on the existing color, texture and length of a client’s hair, balayage highlights can be personalized to create a mood, as well as soften or accentuate certain facial features. Ask any Cary NC hair stylist, and they’ll say that balayage is a super trend that’s not going away any time soon!

A Cary NC Hair Stylist Uses Balayage to Contour and Highlight Hair

A balayage treatment is achieved by hand-painting highlights onto sections of hair. These highlights are more saturated at the ends and lighter toward the roots, creating an overall natural and sun-lightened look. A quality balayage application is all about seamless blending and proper placement to produce a subtle look without harsh lines. Stop by our salon to make a balayage appointment today!

Foilayage at Artisan Hair Salon in Cary, NC

What about Foils? Are Foil Highlights still Possible?

Yes! Foil highlights are a more traditional method, but can absolutely still be done. We can even blend both highlight techniques for something known asĀ foilayage.

What is foilayage?

Foilayage is a combination of balayage and highlights using foil that creates brighter, lighter sections throughout the hair while retaining a natural-looking finish.

The colorist sections hair and strategically applies hair dye, then wraps the section in foils and leaves it to develop. This amplifies the brightness and lightness of the section while retaining the flattering, face-framing benefits of balayage.

The key to the look is all in the way the colorist applies the foils. In traditional highlights, the colorist would apply dye from root to tip before folding the entire section in one piece of foil.