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Our Cary NC Hair Stylist Explains The Difference Between Balayage and Ombre

When it’s time to switch up one’s look, many women turn to hair dye as a way to transform their hair without having to lose length or change their cut. For women who don’t want a major transformation and instead want a less drastic change, both Balayage and Ombre are popular choices.

The top Ombre hair stylists in Cary understand that there’s a difference between these two dyeing styles, but many clients do not. To help you understand which is right for you, here’s the difference between Balayage and Ombre in Cary NC.

Balayage is Subtler

Balayage is actually a French word, which in English loosely translates to “sweeping.” During a professional Balayage in Cary, your stylist will delicately sweep the bottom of your hair with your chosen color. Their goal will not be to completely coat the hair and they might even leave a few sections untouched.

The goal of a Balayage in Cary is to create an extremely subtle and natural look. The colors used in Balayage are often very close to the client’s natural hair color. This is why Balayage is a better choice for clients who want more natural results. As a bonus, Balayage requires less maintenance than Ombre, as the subtle transition of hues doesn’t look stark or noticeable as the hair grows.

Ombre is Bolder

When you book an appointment for Ombre in Cary NC, understand that while the finished result will be absolutely beautiful, it won’t exactly be “natural” per se. This isn’t to say that an Ombre will look cartoonish or fake, but it will be more obvious to people around you that your hair color is the work of a talented stylist.

Ombre hair color is perfect for any woman who wants to make a bold statement. Although the new color will blend beautifully with your current color, the transition between the two hues will be stark, giving you an incredibly chic and fashionable finished look.

If you still aren’t sure which look is right for you, contact us today to book a consultation with a professional Ombre hair stylist in Cary who can help you to achieve your hair goals.