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What is a Hair Gloss Treatment? Ask Our Cary Hairdresser

Hair gloss treatments are one of the most beneficial services we offer at our Cary hair salon, but clients often express confusion about what they are! Since hair gloss treatments are a relatively new hair tinting method, it’s no wonder. Below is everything you need to know about how hair gloss treatments can boost your hair’s shine and lock in color.

Hair Gloss and Hair Color

A hair gloss treatment, also referred to as a color glaze or a glaze treatment, is a product added to hair to boost shine and bring out subtleties. When hair color starts to fade, a hair gloss treatment is often preferable to a full-on dye job, because it’s less expensive and does less damage to the hair cuticle. A tinted hair gloss treatment can also be a good way to introduce color to hair that’s never been colored before, or hair that is extra-sensitive.

What Color is Tinted Hair Gloss?

Hair gloss treatments can be either clear or tinted. Tinted options range from brighter blond, which cancels out brassiness; to gold, which brings out warmth in light hair; to red or brown, which brings out warmth in darker shades of hair. If you regularly color or highlight your hair, hair gloss treatments can give you an added boost between colors. Blondes, who are especially susceptible to flyaways and damage, can greatly benefit from gloss treatments.

Hair Gloss and Shine

Of course, as the name implies, hair gloss treatments also make your hair off-the-charts shiny! Gloss treatments are great conditioning tools to help dry, damaged, or lifeless hair. The treatment closes the hair cuticle, resulting in a soft, smooth surface texture that reflects a lot of light.

Low-Commitment Color

Gloss treatments usually last about four to six weeks before washing/fading out. They deposit tone into the hair strand, but don’t lift or lighten the hair color—making them a semi-permanent coloring option perfect for those trying out a new shade.

Get Hair Gloss and Other Hair Treatments at Our Cary Hair Salon

If you’re considering getting a hair gloss treatment or another type of hair style, color, or cut, stop by Artisan Hair for a professional consultation with one of our expert Cary hair stylists! Our artists can advise you on the best way to preserve your color and prevent damage. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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