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Should I Get Bangs? Weighing the Pros and Cons with a Cary Hair Salon

Ah, the eternal question. Should you get bangs? If done right, bangs can be a simple, affordable way give your look a major upgrade. But if you hate them, they’ll take forever to grow out. If you’re considering making the cut, here are some things to consider from our Cary Hair Salon.

Be Aware of the Upkeep

Many people are surprised to learn that bangs do require regular upkeep, even though they’re just a few inches across the forehead. Though bangs don’t require as much maintenance as hair coloring or highlights, you will need to pop into the salon every so often for regular trims. You might also have to style your bangs daily, depending on the look you want to achieve. Ask yourself honestly if you have the time, budget, and dedication to keep up with your bangs—if not, you’re probably better off without them.

Consider Your Hair’s Texture

The texture of your hair plays a big role in determining what style of bangs will look best on you. If your hair is fine or thin, a heavy fringe might not work, because there won’t be enough weight for the hair to lay in place. Bangs can look wonderful in curly hair, but might take some confidence to pull off. Before having your heart set on a certain style, sit down with a professional hair stylist to discuss what will work best for you.

Consider Your Face Shape

Your face shape will play a big factor on whether or not bangs flatter you. Generally, square face shapes can look harsh with a blunt-looking fringe, and look better with a softer, wispy fringe that’s longer around the temples. Round, oval, and heart-shaped faces usually have a lot more flexibility with what they can pull off.

Another thing to note is that wherever your bangs end will draw attention to that feature. For example, short baby bangs will focus attention on your eyebrows or glasses, while brow-skimming bangs will focus attention on your eyes. Again, your hair stylist will be able to help you choose a look that frames and focuses your features instead of overwhelming them.

Get the Perfect Hairstyle at our Cary Hair Salon

Of course, it’s hard for us to advise you without seeing you in person! If you’re considering getting bangs or another type of hairstyle, we strongly encourage you to stop by Artisan Hair for a consultation. Our professional hair artists can advise you on the best way to flatter your face with the right style, cut, and color. Schedule an appointment with our Cary hair salon today!

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