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Keratin Treatments vs. Smoothing Treatments–What’s the Difference?

“Keratin treatment” has become the go-to term for hair-smoothing processes that leave your hair frizz-free for weeks (and even months). In today’s blog, our Cary hair stylist explains what a Keratin treatment does, the risks involved, and the results you can expect.

Terminology: Keratin treatment, Brazilian Blowout or smoothing treatment?

People often use the terms “Keratin treatment” “smoothing treatment” and “Brazilian Blowout” interchangeably, but they’re actually entirely different processes. A Keratin treatment and a Brazilian Blowout are the same thing, however–both terms just refer to processes which straighten the hair semi-permanently.

A smoothing treatment, like Goldwell Kerasilk and Cezanne, help to de-frizz the hair and add shine without disrupting its texture. Basically, if you’re happy with your waves and curls, but would love to cut down on frizz (and loosen your texture a bit), you should try a smoothing treatment. If you want your hair to look flat-ironed straight, go for the Keratin treatmemnt/Brazilian blowout.

How a Keratin treatment works

Like all hair-smoothing treatments, keratin treatments do involve the use of the keratin protein that makes up our hair (as well as feathers, hoofs, and claws in animals.) However, keratin isn’t really the hero of these processes. A traditional keratin treatment aims to straighten the hair, not smooth it, and usually involves a formaldehyde-releasing solution. Your hair stylist will saturate your hair with the solution for about 20 minutes, until it has coated your hair cuticle like armor. Then, it will be blow-dried and flattened out. The entire process, once finished, will straighten out your hair texture and completely eliminate frizz for up to three months.

How smoothing treatments work

Smoothing treatments, on the other hand, are formaldehyde-free, and deeply permeate the cortex of your hair, rather than sitting on the outside of your cuticle. Though the application process is similar, the formula isn’t as potent (formaldehyde is key for that flat-ironed look), so it won’t straighten your hair, just smooth it. It will, however, last longer than a keratin treatment—generally anywhere from four to six months.

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