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Hair Color Trend: Lavender Gray

In terms of modern hair trends, we’ve seen opal hair, ombre hair, and full-on platinum silver. Now, the latest hair color to rock the runways and the heads of Instagram influencers alike is a lot less subtle. Lavender hair and its close cousin, lavender gray, have been appearing on everyone from Arianna Grande to Cardi B. Here’s some more information about this bright, luxurious look that’s perfect for summer.

Celebrities Rocking Lavender Hair

With over 100,000 photos across Instagram, lavender hair is the hue of the moment. The term “lilac hair” is also up 1,077% on Pinterest, making it one of the year’s top hair color trends. Variations range from deep, bright purple to very light amethyst. The addition of silver varies, too, with some opting for a very metallic look, and others going for very subtle silver highlights—or none at all.

It’s no surprise, then, that some of the biggest stars have already taken the color for a whirl in 2019. Lady Gaga kicked off her Enigma Las Vegas residency concert with her hair dyed dusty mauve, and Cardi B. celebrated her Pepsi 2019 commercial debut with a lilac pixie-cut wig that would make My Little Pony proud. Ruby Rose also embraced the new year with violet “Rubicorn” hair, courtesy of celebrity hair stylist Riawna Capri. Nicki Minaj also got the memo that the dusty purple is having a moment: The rapper wore lilac bangs with contrasting royal-purple pieces in an Instagram photo.

How to Get Lavender Gray Hair

Dying your hair a candy color is exciting, but comes with some risks, too. Be aware that your hair might need to be completely bleached first, which can cause damage which may need to be helped with a deep conditioning treatment. You will also have to make a commitment to come in for a hair appointment every two weeks or so to touch up your roots—you don’t want to look like a middle school kid experimenting with Manic Panic for the first time! If you want to go full-purple, level with yourself first and make sure you have the budget and time commitment it takes to keep your hair pretty and, most importantly, healthy.

With all that said, getting in on this trend doesn’t have to mean going full-on purple. If your hair (or wig) is already platinum blonde or gray, adding a sneaky lavender tint is equally subtle and stylish. You can also make your style stand out by adding in strategically-placed purple highlights throughout your hair. Your hair colorist can also focus a muted lilac shade at the roots of your hair and gradually making your color more vibrant toward the ends (a.k.a purple ombre.) Lastly, if you just want to try it on for size, temporary hair dyes like L’Oréal’s Colorista can help you test drive the look before making a permanent commitment.

Get the Look at our Cary Hair Coloring Salon

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