Most of us dream of having healthy, beautiful hair, but barely giving a passing thought to our scalp – despite the fact it is, quite literally, the root to growing luscious locks. Below are some tips for keeping your scalp healthy from our Cary hairdresser.

Use High-Quality Shampoo

Even if dandruff isn’t a concern to you, using a salon-quality shampoo can help keep your scalp and hair looking as healthy and beautiful as possible. Cheap drugstore shampoos often contain additives like silicone and sulfates, which will damage and dull hair over time, and irritate the scalp. You might think that you can’t afford salon-quality shampoo, but consider that many drugstore shampoos water down their products with water or alcohol, so more of the product is needed to get the same result. You might pay more for salon-quality shampoo, but get more of your money’s worth from it over time.

Use a Scalp Scrub

All scalps constantly shed dead skin cells and oil. Just like your skin can benefit from a bit of regular exfoliation, your scalp can, too. One great way to get rid of the build-up is using a scalp exfoliating scrub (our Cary hair stylists can recommend a product that will work best for you.) Most scalp exfoliators use micro-beads or crushed seeds to remove impurities, flakes, and oil build-up. Use your scalp scrub after you hop in the shower, before you shampoo.

Use a Scalp Massager

A scalp massage can help stimulate your scalp’s blood flow, which will increase your hair growth, distribute natural oils to make you hair more lustrous, and decrease flakiness. There are many affordable models available online and in big retailers like Target—some of them even vibrate to give an extra-luxurious massage.

Don’t Shampoo Too Often

If you have oily hair or flakes, you might want to shampoo your hair more in order to control it. However the heat from the water and ingredients in shampoo—even high quality shampoos—can strip your hair of its natural oils, causing it to become dry and leading to itching and flaking. This will trigger your scalp to produce even more oil, starting the problem all over again. Now, of course, we aren’t saying to stay sweaty after hitting the gym—but if you’ve had a pretty inactive day, you will probably be safe using a dry shampoo every other day.

Want Healthy Hair? Talk to a Cary Hairdresser

You may have noticed that we have avoided mentioning any specific product in this article. That’s because everyone’s hair is different, and no one product is a blanket solution for all hair types! In order to get the healthiest possible, we highly recommend talking to one of our Cary hair stylists for a personal, professional consultation on what looks best to you. To set up an appointment, click here.