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Healthy Hair Starts at the Roots – Scalp Care Tips from a Cary Hairdresser

Why not love your scalp? If you want healthy, beautiful hair then it needs to be rooted in a clean and hydrated scalp. Below are five tips from our Cary hairdresser on how best to keep your roots looking their best.

Use High-Quality Shampoo

A shampoo is the first thing you put onto your head every day, so it’s important to be aware of what can happen when we use a cheap drugstore brand. Cheap shampoos that are full of silicone and sulfates will gradually damage hair from its root all the way up to its shiny surface. It also irritates our scalps while making us think they’re clean and fresh! Salon-quality products like ours offer gentle formulas with no harmful additives for healthy looking hair without irritation or dandruff build up.

Even if scalp health isn’t something you worry about on a regular basis, investing in salon quality shampoo will help keep both your scalp as well as any outlying hairs happy at all times.

Use a Scalp Scrub

All scalps constantly shed dead skin cells and oil. Just like your skin can benefit from a bit of regular exfoliation, your scalp can, too. One great way to get rid of the build-up is using a scalp exfoliating scrub (our Cary hair stylists can recommend a product that will work best for you.) Most scalp exfoliators use micro-beads or crushed seeds to remove impurities, flakes, and oil build-up. Use your scalp scrub after you hop in the shower, before you shampoo.

Use a Scalp Massager

A scalp massage can help stimulate your scalp’s blood flow, which will increase your hair growth, distribute natural oils to make you hair more lustrous, and decrease flakiness. There are many affordable models available online and in big retailers like Target—some of them even vibrate to give an extra-luxurious massage.

Don’t Shampoo Too Often

If you have oily hair or flakes, investing in a high quality shampoo is crucial. However the heat from water and ingredients can also cause your scalp to produce more oil which will start this problem all over again. To avoid adding any unnecessary problems for yourself with something as simple as washing your hair, turn on a cool blast of air before getting under the shower head—it’ll minimize damage caused by hot steamy water!

Want Healthy Hair? Talk to a Cary Hairdresser

You may have noticed that we have avoided mentioning any specific product in this article. That’s because everyone’s hair is different, and no one product is a blanket solution for all hair types! In order to get the healthiest possible, we highly recommend talking to one of our Cary hair stylists for a personal, professional consultation on what looks best to you. To set up an appointment, click here.

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