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Our Cary Hair Stylist Shares Tips to Help Beat Dry Hair This Winter

In our previous post, we discussed how it’s oily hair that leads to dandruff, not dry hair, as is commonly thought. However, dry hair comes with its own fair share of problems, too, which is why we’re dedicating today’s blog to hair care tips that will keep your hair moisturized and flake-free all winter long. 

Wash Less

In our last post, we discussed how people afflicted with dandruff should wash more, to decrease oiliness. But if you don’t deal with dandruff, and dryness is your main problem, it’s actually a good idea to wash less. Shampoo tends to strip hair of its moisture, not to mention its color if you have colored hair. Stick to dry shampoo a couple of days a week, and no one should be able to tell the difference. 

Buy a Boar Bristle Brush 

Not only will a boar bristle brush feel good on your scalp, it’s great for your circulation and can breathe new life into limp and dry hair. Give your locks a good brushing before you go to bed and after you get up in the morning, and your hair will look and feel more moisturized. 

Layer Clothing with Care

Ever wonder how you got that giant dreadlock-like gnarl at the nape of your neck? It’s a result of the friction caused by layering your clothes over your hair. Here’s how to prevent it: When you’re putting on your winter sweaters and scarves, part your hair down the back of your head in the middle, as if you were making low pigtails, pull both sides towards the front, then wrap your scarf around your neck.

Get a Hair Gloss Treatment 

If your hair is looking as drab as the weather, a hair gloss treatment (also referred to as a glaze treatment) can add instant shine, seal moisture into the cuticle of your hair, and extend the life of your current color. A tinted hair gloss treatment can also be a good way to introduce color to hair that’s never been colored before, or hair that is extra-sensitive.

Get a Deep Conditioning Treatment

Deep conditioning treatments are an affordable, easy way to combat breakage and improve the health of your hair. There are a wide variety of nourishing formulas available, but they all work to moisturize, repair, and protect hair from damage and breakage. Most deep conditioning treatment recipients are actually able to see a noticeable improvement in a matter of minutes! 

Need Some Hair TLC This Winter? Stop by Our Cary Hair Salon! 

With all this said, everyone’s hair is different, and no product or treatment is a perfect solution for all hair types. To really help diagnose and treat your hair, we need to see it and feel it ourselves—which is why we recommend stopping by our Cary hair salon in person! Our Cary hair stylists will help you decide how to best repair and protect your hair against dry winter air. To request an appointment with us, click here

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